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Professional Voice Recording


How to record professional voice over

Stop recording high quality content in a bad sound quality now!
This short, beginner-friendly course teaches you the ins and outs of creating a studio and broadcast quality voice recording in the space of a few hours.
It is presented in a practical and relevant manner, using recording equipment that cost just a few hundred dollars.
You won’t need a voice booth, a special recording studio, or a sound engineer.

Safe time

An endlessly long course that you never finish watching? No! In this course, you will receive a highly compressed step-by-step guide without repetitions and unnecessary blah blah blah!

Safe money

Do you still believe that you need a sound studio stuffed with expensive equipment to make professional voice recordings? Wrong - the 80s are over! Welcome to the era of the democratization of work tools!

Save nerves

In music, art, and the audio industry in general, a lot of bullshit is talked! Learn from someone who has been struggling through this confusion of nonsense, half-truths, and truths for decades and has already gone through the selection process.

About the creator of the course

My name is Matthias Ernst Holzmann. I have 30 years’ worth of experience as a music producer and 20 years of experience as an opera singer.

I have composed soundtracks for the German television channels ARD and ZDF, performed at the Frankfurt Opera and the Bayreuth Festival, as well as charting at number 4 in “Top Songs Opera” of the British ITunes Charts with my singing and my music production.

I currently work as a German audiobook narrator, a composer and producer, as well as a voice-over artist.

What real students are saying

Course structure

The course

00. Foreword
01. Course structure
02. Equipment overview
03. Theoretical introduction
04. Setup
05. Recording
06. Post production
07. Rendering and formats

Advanced lessons

08. Advanced lesson “hard noise gate”
09. Advanced lesson “video sound”
10. Advanced lesson “improvising a recording studio while travelling”

Now it´s you turn

Give your content and voice the best possible sound and start learning right away!

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